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JavaScript SDK

You just need to integrate the following script on your web site.
<script src=""></script>
Set your filters, define a callback function and show the response on your web page.

<script language="javascript">
window.onload = function(){
		key            : "ABCDFEJK1234536", // Your API_KEY
		callback       : "callBack",        // Your CALLBACK function
		filters        : {
		                  "_Date":"",       // yyyy-mm-dd
		                  "_Theme":"",     // *see the complete theme list
		                  "_Page":"",      // default : 1
		                  "_Limit":"12",   // default : 100 (max 100 par page)
		                  "OrderField":"", // default : _Date
		                  "Order":""       // default : ASC
		formatpaginator: 'full'           //define the pagination style (full = with number page or small for only  arrows)


function callBack(response){	
	var html =,'large'); //second arg is an option can be (small / medium /large) 
	 // if you want to use pagination call this method
	 var pagination = MXAgenda.pagination(response); // pagination 	
	 document.getElementById("AgendaPages").innerHTML=pagination; //pagination output
	 //if you need a search engine on your page add theses lines
	 var search =;
	document.getElementById("AgendaSearch").innerHTML = search;	
Don't forget to add a layer for response on your page (in this exemple a div with ID = 'agenda'), a layer for pagination and if you need a layer for search engine.
<div id="AgendaSearch" ></div> <!-- search engine -->
<div id="AgendaPages" class="pages"></div> <!-- pagination -->
<div id="Agenda"></div> <!-- events -->

*Theme list:

1MC = Musique/Concerts,
2TH = Théâtre/Humour,
3DA = Danse, 
4SP = Sports,
5FA = Spectacles,
6AR = Arts/musées,
7TL = Tourisme/Loisirs,
8CI = Cinéma

Download a demo

REST ...
Possible output format : JSON or XML

Exemple, show next 10 sports events on Paris:[_Ville]=Paris&filter[_Theme]=4SP&filter[_Page]=1&filter[_Limit]=10